Back to School ~ ALREADY! {Oklahoma Children’s Photographer}

[PREFACE]   I’m BACK!  Had a little health scare that kept me sidelined for a couple weeks, but thankfully, by God’s good grace, I am feeling alive and well again.  I am the type of person who doesn’t like to show weakness or even like to ask for help for that matter, so I guess this was God’s little wake up call to tell me that I’m not in control and I need to rely more on Him.  I need to be reminded every now and again!

Where DOES the time go???  Seriously… can someone please tell me??  Waaahhh… my baby is growing up!  She blesses me everyday.   I’ve had this little themed session planned for a few weeks now, but had to postpone it (see above), and PLUS it’s been so blazing HOT in Oklahoma, that it took a little bribing on my part to get this girl to model for me. :)   (A little $ for her “puppy fund”, as she calls it, worked like a charm.)  She’s a budding entreprenuer I do believe.

She wanted to wear the clothes she picked out on our shopping trip to the Gap earlier this summer.  I can’t believe she wanted to wear the long sleeves and jacket in this heat!

Love her smile!

My favorite one of the bunch… she can light up a room with that grin!

I want to give a quick shout out to my former neighbor and friend Jenny who sold me this desk!  Isn’t it great!?!   The banners were made by Michelle from Stuff So Simple.  She does amazing work.  If you ever need a banner for party, you need to check her out.  You won’t be disappointed.  Visit her etsy shop:

I will be offering a limited number of back to school mini-sessions in August.  These 30 minute sessions will be in the evenings just before sunset and the location is well, perfect for me, since it’s in my backyard!  With the evening sun and our wooded creek as the backdrop, along with these cute props, you can’t go wrong!  To inquire about pricing and availability, click on the CONTACT link in the header above.

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time,

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