Calling all 2015 High School Seniors!! {Oklahoma Senior Photographer}

MMP is looking for fun, stylish, outgoing seniors to be a part of my Spokesmodel Rep Program for the class of 2015.

Interested?  Keep reading…

Who is Missy Moore?  I am a natural light, high school senior photographer known for my passion and love of working with teens.  My goal is to build the self-esteem of teen girls and guys alike, capturing the beauty and true spirit of every client I work with.  My photography style is fresh, colorful, and modern.  I strive to provide a stress-free, affordable experience giving you photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime.  Your session will be based on YOU and what you love.  It’s all about YOU, so start dreaming up your ultimate senior photo shoot, and let’s have some FUN!

What does it mean to be a MMP Spokesmodel?  I am looking for at least one girl and one guy from each school within the OKC metro to represent the MMP “fresh, modern, fun” brand.  You must exemplify outstanding character and class!  You must be a 2014 Junior, graduating in 2015.  You will receive a mini portrait session and you’ll be asked to refer your friends and classmates to book their senior session with me.

How, you ask?  You’ll be provided with VIP cards from your session to hand out, and some images to share online while tagging my business name.  Of course, the easiest way to spread the word is by talking about how awesome your shoot was to everyone you know!  AND the more friends you refer and book their session with me, the more rewards for YOU!

Requirements: A discounted session fee of $100 is required to cover marketing materials and professional hair and make-up styling. You and your parents must agree to promote only Missy Moore Photography for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire 2014/15 school year.  Your parent or guardian MUST sign a Spokesmodel contract/ model release… gotta keep it real and legal!  This allows Missy Moore Photography to use your images for advertising and promotional purposes. You must also be a fan of Missy Moore Photography Facebook page.

So what’s in it for you, you ask?  A mini-photo shoot in the early spring/summer (2014) before school starts to introduce you as an official MMP spokesmodel. You’ll receive awesome personalized VIP cards with your name, photo, and my contact info to pass out to your friends.  There will also be a sweet BONUS discount included for your friends too!  You’ll receive a minimum of 3 watermarked, web-sized digital images, to use as your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profile pictures, and you will be required to use one of them for the entire school year on each of your social networks. You’ll also receive your very own interview and Spokesmodel highlight post on my blog, featuring YOU, and your hobbies and interests.  OH – and I don’t want to forget the fun SWAG BAGS (exclusive for MMP spokesmodels!)

That’s not all… As a MMP Spokesmodel, you will receive a generous 50% discount on your regular senior session fee during your senior year, with 20% off prints!  This is a full 2-hour photo session, including professional hair and makeup, 2-3 outfit changes, and 2-3 locations!  Awesome, right!?!   And as if that wasn’t enough, you will also be invited to participate in exclusive styled and themed modeling shoots throughout the year!  FUN!!

Here’s the REALLY COOL part… the more friends you refer, the more YOU get in return!  For every successful Referral that books and pays for their senior session, you will receive $25 cash or a $50 print credit!  That’s right… cash, moolah, the green stuff… to spend how and where you want!  Or Mom can use the print credit to order your gorgeous photos! Cha-Ching!  If you bring me 5 successful referals, your regular senior session fee is on me!  Hair and makeup included!  Awesome right!!    ***A “successful Referral” is a person who turns in a Spokesmodel’s “rep card”, books, pays for, and completes a portrait session.

Think you can do it?  Then submit your application and let your friends know too!  Application Deadline is March 31st.  To submit an application, simply copy and paste the following into an email and answer the questions.  Email to   Every applicant will be reviewed extensively and I will only accept candidates that I feel fit the MMP “fresh, modern, fun” brand.  Accepted applicants will be notified as early as April 15th.  Spaces will fill quickly.  Apply today!

  1. First & Last Name:
  2. Nickname:
  3. Phone:
  4. Email:
  5. Facebook Page:
  6. Twitter Page:
  7. Instagram:
  8. Parent / Guardian Name:
  9. Parent/ Guardian email and phone:
  10. How did you hear about my Spokesmodel/Rep program?
  11. Will you be graduating high school in 2015?
  12. What high school do you attend?
  13. Please tell me what sports, clubs, or activities you are currently involved in.
  14. Please tell me about yourself, describe your personality.
  15. Tell me what you are passionate about.
  16. What do you want to do when you “grow up”?
  17. My photography style is fresh, modern, and fun. Are you willing to try new ideas?
  18. Why are senior portraits important to you and your family?
  19. Why do you think you would be a good Spokesmodel for Missy Moore Photography?
  20. Anything else you’d like to add?

Let’s talk soon!

Be a Blessing,

Missy :)

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