Jordan | Deer Creek Senior | Class of 2014 {Oklahoma Senior Photographer}

Anyone else have a hard time keeping up with life?  Sheesh!  Had planned on blogging this session weeks ago, but life as they say, happens!   There’s just a few more days to get your name in for MMP’s Spokesmodel search.  Will it be YOU?  I can’t wait to work with next years Class of 2015!!!  But let’s finish this year out first!!

I first heard his name when he was only a freshman.  Overheard a phone conversation my Coach hubby was having with his coaching staff about “this kid” and how he could play some baseball!  I’ve had the pleasure of not only seeing him play ball over the last 4 years, but also mature into a handsome, witty, and intelligent young man.  And a sharp dresser, I might add!   To say that I was thrilled to photograph Jordan is an understatement!  I loved, LOVED getting to hang out with him and his sweet momma for the afternoon.

Jordy, excited to see you play in your final year at Deer Creek.  And even more excited to follow your career as a Wichita State Shocker… and beyond.  I know God’s hands will direct your path to success wherever you go!   Thank you for allowing me to share in this most awesome time of your life… your senior year!  Blessings to you at graduation and always. :)

Until next time!

Be a Blessing,


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