Family Portraits in Arkansas

Well 2016 has come and gone just like that.  I think we could all agree that life happens too quickly and before you know it, time is gone.  Time to listen, time to say what you meant to say, time to reach out and make a new friend, time to love and serve.  Like everyone else, our family has had our share of ups and downs with health challenges, career changes, new towns, new friendships, and new opportunities.  Each one, good and bad, has taught us valuable life lessons about perserverence, patience, and purpose.  In the coming year, my prayer for my family is that we will live more purposefully and intentionally, so that we don’t miss the chance to say or do something that will make someone smile and believe in Hope for a better tomorrow.  Speaking of making someone smile, this brings me to these photos.  My brothers and I were so proud that we could finally make this happen for our parents.  All of our families were able to be home in Arkansas for Christmas and we took the opportunity to take some updated family portraits. We could not have asked for better weather in December.  Thanks to my sister-in-law for bringing her handy tripod, and to my hubby for graciously snapping a few of these shots for me.  I may just hire him!  Here’s a few of my favorites of our time together. ENJOY!

Mom and Daddy, I hope these make you smile. We love you and hope you will be proud to show these off to all your friends. :) xoxo

Our “Sweet Sue” and Daddy…

My handsome baby brother got a few new headshots as well!

Love his smile. And his big heart.

The grandbabies are growing up!!  Wahhh…

They sure do love their Grammy and Pappy!

I’ve wanted this shot forever… a generation photo of me, mom and my baby girl.

All the girls!

… and the guys.   Love and miss these people so much.

My middle brother and his good-looking crew!  They could be models.

My nephews are handsome little devils.

Dad and his sons… awesome memories!

My little fam… love them to the moon and back!

Nothing sweeter than a daddy and his girl…

This one here… she has my whole heart.

Thanks to my hubby for snapping a new headshot of me… it’s been awhile. I always feel awkward in front of the camera.  Much more comfortable behind the lens!  :)

Cheers to 2017!  Until next time!

Be a Blessing, M

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